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What’s been happening?

We have been a little quiet on the emails in the last couple of months, and we thought it was time for an update of what has been happening with ODS, and what is coming up in the next few months for our designers and suppliers.

We have been mindful that everybody has been busy with all that is occurring, and we didn’t want to add additional emails to the masses of information and business enquiries each of you had to contend with during this period.

We have been working hard on a NEW Platform.


 We want to make it easy for designers and suppliers to discover, communicate, and collaborate with each other as well as getting the general public educated on the advantages of dealing with professionals when it comes to outdoor design.


The new platform will offer a variety of improvements to the current system including;

• Mobile Optimised

• Improved Stock Status

• Expanded Categories

• Improved Filters

• Improved Search Function

• Easier ordering system to your favourite suppliers.


Take advantage of the increased online activity

Online sales over the last few months have increased with some local industries experiencing record sales.

Let’s take advantage of this increased appetite to conduct more of your business online.

Although most agree that the current spike will not be sustained, most agree that post Covid, more people will be doing their business online than before.

Outdoor Designer Store is there to expand your current list of suppliers, not replace them.  It is there to make business with your favourite suppliers easier and make the life of the supplier more efficient in handling the enquiries and questions.

We are not here to take away any of your current systems or relationships, we are here to enhance them.



I would like to personally thank all our trade professionals, suppliers and supporting partners who have have been patient and understanding throughout the last few years as we navigate through all the different requirements and needs of our users.

Nick Hadji

Founder & Director

Outdoor Designer Store


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