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The landscape design industry is more competitive than ever and consumers are becoming more sophisticated in their expectations.  Where 3D renders and fly videos were a rarity only a few years ago they are increasingly being seen as an essential part of client presentations and design packages.

So why all the buzz about them?


3D visuals can remove all the guesswork and any potential misinterpretation of a design for a client. They can instantly see their designers vision and how their space will look once implemented and experience the proposed plant selection, design elements, material finishes and constructed elements to scale.

Static Images, Scene Slideshows and Fly Through Videos offer multiple opportunities for a designer to really sell their vision and enhance their clients experience, whether during the Concept presentation stage, as an inclusion with the final Landscape Plans or a combination of both.

As a landscape designer I find presenting a Fly Through Video or Scene Slideshow at the Concept presentation stage a winner. Clients are really ‘wowed’ and excited about what they have to look forward to and engagement is maintained until the shovel hits the ground.

See what’s possible…

Please note videos are Full High Definition (FHD) and quality may vary dependent on your viewing screen – you can adjust the quality using the ‘cog’ symbol on each video to suit your device screen.


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