COVID-19 Update

To our valued suppliers, trade and customers,

Now, more than ever, is the time to unite and support one another.

We have always been about the landscapers and designers, the architects, the suppliers, and all others who work in the industry. During this period of great fluidity, we remain motivated, we remain focused, and we continue to promote our industry and the businesses we have worked hard to grow so they are ready for when normality returns.

Regardless of who or what you are in the trade, we are working on measures that will continue to promote the industry, and ways in which we can contribute to a quick recovery.

COVID-19 has highlighted to many, just how important our outdoor spaces are to our physical and mental health. We are confident that the industry will continue to prosper, and it is important to know that we are here, we are listening, and we are ready to help.

We are continuing key updates to the platform with great determination to finish and launch and will update you as this evolves.


If you are a consumer, you will find that as of today, March 24, 2020, most suppliers of outdoor products are currently operating at full or near full capacity and are ready to take your orders.

They are all aware of the critical importance of social distancing during this pandemic and the expert advice that we should all be asking people to stay away from public places, cancel gatherings and restrict any nonessential interaction.

Some have closed down their showrooms or applied social distancing rules, but most are open for business.

What I would like to encourage is that if you are in the fortunate position to continue or start working on your outdoor project, to support all our hard-working suppliers and trade, and use this opportunity of self-isolation to work on your outdoor project.

Most trade professionals are working even if its remotely and are able to help you via phone or video link up.

We must of course put the life and health of everyone as the number one priority but at the same time, where possible, lets try and see what “normal” things we can continue to do that will keep business in business and help our mental wellbeing.

We wish you strength in this uncertain time.

With warm regards,

Nick Hadji

Founder & Director


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