ODS October Update

new website progressing.

Our new site is progressing nicely despite the huge delays. Improved mobile display, new search capabilities, more suppliers and a greater choice of products to discover.  One of the new sections of the platform will be our Featured Professionals pages, where industry leaders will be able to do one of two things

  1. Feature the products they like to use from what is on offer on ODS.  It gives the designer an opportunity to share their style and promote suppliers they often use on projects, similarly to tagging them on Instagram except now people will have greater detail of the product.
  2. An area whereby they can share professional tips or inspiration.  It might be a nursery talking about hardy plants for coastal projects, or a designer talking about building custom water features


expected release of new site.

At this stage we are looking at a November release.   Apart from what was mentioned above, the new site will have major improvements in search capabilities, filters and extra information like when a product is due to come back in stock.  And since we are national, we thought we add in a warehouse locations for each supplier.  This will help you make better decisions if you know where the product is kept and will therefore impact on delivery times and costs.  We also want to encourage everyone to start shopping nationally as it expands your choices and can help give your client a unique finish.


new pots

Undoubtably one of the biggest demands in outdoor products has been pots.  So we are looking forward to a huge range of new pots from new suppliers over the coming months with plenty of them experimenting with different material.


ods-blog-pots-garden-life ods-blog-pots-on-the-side-2

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