Tungsten 3Kw Electric Heater - White

Tungsten Electric 3Kw Heater

Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Heater 2Kw An infrared electric heater blending aesthetics and function Witness the art of smart-heating with Bromic Heating’s new Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric Heater, an infrared electric heater characterised by smooth lines, quality finishes and extensive heat coverage.

  • Efficient directional heating with minimal light emission
  • Wall & Ceiling mounted brackets with angle adjustments
  • Equipped with spectral reflector
  • High temperature corrosion-resistant coating
  • IPX4 water ingress protection rating
  • Soft glow infrared heating element - No harsh glare
  • Tube elements are included with the heater and easily installed
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor heating applications
  • Available in 2000W, 3000W, 4000W and 6000W models to suit a range of environments
Products specifications

made to order

Expected Delivery

45 days


Assembly required

Weather Rating

Covered outdoors

Product Weight


Product Weight

 1410 W x 214 D x 86 H





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