Scandinavian retro design daybed

Truly retro and trendy, the Tressé has been uniquely designed by Osier Belle in natural-looking wicker and finished with recycled teak legs. The entire collection is a timeless syle full of beautiful personality and character from all angles. NOTE: For product customisation contact

  • includes five back cushions
  • fade resistant
  • grade-A recycled teak
  • all-weather
  • retro design
  • hand crafted
Products specifications

made to order

Product Weight

160 x 175 x 79.5


fully assembled

Weather Rating


  • Frame: rattan
  • Legs: teak
  • Cushions: sunbrella acrylic coated polyester
  • Sunbrella Fabrics: All of our Sunbrella covers are removable and machine washable on a gentle cycle. Any stains should be treated immediately. Different stains require different cleaning methods, please refer to Sunbrella Stain Chart for more information about how to treat specific stains. It is a warranty requirement that you re-treat your fabric with a water-repellency product such as Scotchgard after every wash to maximise the fabrics’ stain resistance.

  • Viro Wickers: Viro wickers can be cleaned using a wet cloth or low-pressure hose with mild-soapy water if needed. Using harsh cleaners, or excess force on the wicker will void your warranty.

  • Teak: It is important to maintain your teak to maximise it’s longevity and keep it looking good for years to come. We recommend using Cutek Products. Silvering: Teak silvers naturally over time when the natural oils within the teak begin to evaporate and dry. Should you want your teak to silver naturally, your teak is fine to leave out in the elements, though it is important to note that teak silvers more quickly when exposed to direct sunlight, and can stain if not protected. As it is a natural timber product, teak can grey unevenly if parts of the teak are more exposed to the sun than other parts, so it is import to ensure the timber receives even exposure to sunlight. Cracking of teak can naturally occur and is part of the personality of the timber.  It does not affect the strength of the wood.


5 years

Expected Delivery

6 - 8 weeks

Product Weight



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