Platinum 500 - 42Mj Heater - NG

42 Mj Gas Heater with Ceramic Glass front

The Platinum Smart-Heatâ„¢ Gas range represents the absolute pinnacle of outdoor heating products, combining elegant aesthetics with industry-leading performance to offer value and reliability to premium venues and homes. Able to directionally project a comfortably diffused radiant heat deeply into open outdoor spaces, the Platinum Smart-Heatâ„¢ Gas is the only gas heater in the world that utilizes glass-ceramic technology to manipulate infrared energy while achieving unparalleled wind resistance.

  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Higher levels of wind resistance - wind resistant to 18km/h
  • Electronic ignition
  • Can be wired into C-Bus and smart system controls
  • Automatic Re-Ignition - In the instance of the unit blowing out, it will attempt to reignite
  • Ceramic medium creates the most even levels of heat dispersion * Can be run on LPG or Natural Gas* Available in two sizes - a 300 Series (25Mj) and a 500 Series (42Mj)
  • Can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted
  • Easy Pivot Arm bracket allows for direction of heat to be adjusted * Even and comfortable heat distribution
Products specifications

Usually in stock

Expected Delivery

2-3 days

Product Weight


Product Weight

756 W x 403 D x 421 H


Assembly required

Weather Rating

Covered outdoors

  • Brushed stainless steel & ceramic




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