BUGG Gas Conversion Kit

Kit to convert a BUGG BBQ for use with natural gas.

You can decide what kind of gas supply you prefer for your Beefeater BUGG BBQ. This simple gas conversion kit by Beefeater provides you with all the necessary tools to convert your BUGG to natural gas. Switching from propane to natural gas offers many benefits. Natural gas burns cleaner than propane, keeping the air in your outdoor dining area clearer while you cook up a feast. Converting your BUGG BBQ to natural gas also benefits your wallet, as continuously buying propane is more expensive in the long run. Easily the most significant benefit of converting to natural gas is the convenience. No one enjoys hauling around those heavy propane gas bottles, and converting to natural gas means that you will never have to make those annoying trips to top up your supply. The switch to natural gas for your BUGG is made easy with our instruction manual that takes you through detailed, simple steps that require few tools. Your BUGG can be up and running with natural gas for your next BBQ with this easy-to-use kit by Beefeater.

  • Vaporizer grid and reflector system
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