SITEDESIGN + STUDIOS are a talented group of landscape designers and architects highly skilled in construction and landscape care.

Born out of a university classroom in 1997, SITEDESIGN + STUDIOS was established to create a difference in the landscape industry. SD + S have built a business based on community, and collaborate with groups of like-minded designers and construction teams who know their area, and understand the design and structural parameters of that area.  They have connections with council, developers and of course their community members.

Harrington, Cronulla

Design Philosophy

The philosophy of SD + S is to create places to live in and enjoy that are aesthetically functional and sustainable. They employ a process-oriented approach to each project where the site, context and client requirements are analysed to reveal unique project characteristics. These unique characteristics are then amplified in the creative design solution.

SD + S designers and architects are innovative, passionate workers whose ultimate goals are to ensure each client brief is delivered professionally and to the highest quality standard.



Landscape Architecture
Landscape Construction
Landscape Care
DA Approval Plans
Landscape Plans + 3D + Draftin
Comply Development ‘cdc’



SD + S have five studios – Sydney East, Sydney South, Central Coast, Sydney North, South Coast, and are set to expand to many more locations.

Further Information:

Contact: Glen Connell
Ph: 1300 22 44 55


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