OUTDOOR IDEAS: Outdoor Living Rooms


Outdoor living rooms are fast becoming an Aussie lifestyle essential. They are not only an expression of style but an extension to your home. They provide a different means of entertainment and relaxation, encouraging us to spend more time outdoors.

When considering developing an outdoor living area, here are some helpful tips:

1) Flooring: Consider the look and impression you are going for and which type of flooring would give the best feel to your area – options include grass, decking, tiles, gravel and stonework.

2) Furniture: It is important to look at the outdoor durability of the furniture you choose for your outdoor living space. Some furniture items are only suitable for covered outdoor areas. When looking at wooden items, choose durable, rot and insect resistant woods.

3) Lighting: Outdoor lighting can really set the dynamic to your outdoor living room, especially when the sun goes down. Choose lighting that accentuates the features of your outdoor living area and exhibits a glow suitable to the feel of the space you have created. It could be as simple as a fireplace.

4) Accessories: Accessories will be the final touch to your outdoor living area and can include anything from BBQ’s and bar fridges to cushions and rugs. Much like your furniture, accessories should be weather resistant and of durable materials.

This design by Harrison’s Landscaping in collaboration with Arhkefield architects and 360 landscape architects should get your creative ideas flowing.



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