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At Outdoor Designer Store we love getting the inside scoop on up and coming outdoor design trends. We recently sat down with Ben Miura, Horticulturalist, Senior Designer and Project Manager at Landsberg Gardens to find out what’s in store for this year.

If you’re looking for some mega outdoor design inspiration, read on as Ben reveals the top five design trends for 2017.

Feature plants with flair

According to Ben, feature plants are going to get really interesting this year. We’re talking Brazilian walking irises, cycads, bird’s nest ferns and ligularias. These shade tolerant plants are perfect for smaller courtyards and gardens and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s all about finding plants that are unique and a little bit off the beaten path to add a bit of flair to your outdoor ‘scape.



Textures get a colour makeover

While adding texture to create interest isn’t new, the colour pallet certainly is. Ben is seeing an influx of pastel tiles including baby blues and pale pinks as opposed to the ever popular greys we’ve become accustomed to. Limestone is making a big comeback right now, as it’s a beautiful match for pastels as well. Bluestone pavers are also a hit this year, Ben suggests planting native violet plants in between pavers for a gorgeous contrast.


sandie-tate2Images: Landsberg Gardens, Photographer: Robert Walsh

Copper goes outdoors

Copper has been wildly popular in indoor design over the last few years; Ben sees this trend continuing into the outdoors in 2017. “What starts as a rich coppery colour will fade and weather outdoors, giving the object that gorgeous rustic look  – making for a standout feature item in a pot stand or tap,” says Ben.

Quercus/Ben Muira

Image Top and Below: Quercus Gardens/Ben Miura

Recycled timbers

Recycled timbers will continue to be on trend. “We’ll see some people gravitate towards composite timbers, but for those who want an authentic weathered look, the recycled timbers will definitely provide that element,” notes Ben. Benches, tables, feature screens and fences will continue to rely on recycled timbers for their rustic appeal.

jorm-stepsImage: Landsberg Gardens

Sustainable SurroundsImage: Sustainable Surrounds

Bringing the indoors outdoors

According to Ben we’ll see a continuation of the indoors to the outdoors whereby the “the indoors is the outdoors and the outdoors is the indoors.”  This means built-in bespoke outdoor BBQs and robust outdoor kitchens with polished concrete and painted timbers.

Overall, colour pallets are lightening up with bright and colourful hard surfaces, with designers using pops of green from unusual and unique plants. The trend towards a bespoke personal space also continues to be popular, with people wanting to make use of garden spaces for entertainment.

2 Barrows ConcreteImage: 2Barrows Concrete

A big thanks to Ben of Landsberg Gardens for letting us in on the latest trends!

Trends By: Ben Miura, Horticulturalist, Senior Designer and Project Manager at Landsberg Gardens
Words By: Amanda White for Outdoor Designer Store

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